Websites for Actors: Q & A




Questions answered by Casting Directors Doriane Elliott and Ian Weiss
( Transcript from this recorded interview )

"..This is Mickael Blanchett, I'm a professional web designer for actors and models. These are the most common questions concerning websites for actors answered by NYC casting directors and acting coaches Doriane Elliott and Ian Weiss..

"Hi my name is Dorian Elliott and I'm a casting director - Hi my name is Ian Weiss I'm also a casting director and we're here to discuss websites for actors and why it's so important to have your own website"

Question 1: "What about a Facebook page, IMDB and other acting profiles already on the web?"

Answer I.W: "If you're an actor, it's really important to have your own space on the Internet where to conglomerate all the different collateral that you've accrued over the years as a performer including your resume, your headshots, video assets you have...

Answer D.E: ..."Voice-over demos: everything. All of your collection of all of your works in one place where people can find you."

Question 2: "Even when actors already use online submission services, does that mean that you still Google their names?"

Answer I.W. "Yes exactly! If you have a website and the more material on the website the easier it is to find you via Google especially when a casting director or agent or producer or whoever is in charge of hiring a performer can search for you very easily and your name will come up toward the top"

Answer D.E. ..."Casting directors don't have the time to find you so they need to be able to reach you immediately and the only way they're going to be able to do that is if they Google you and find your name and find your website and all of your content at one place."

Answer I.W ..."And a performer obviously has different materials all over the Internet but why not have it in one place? Why not have it in one place that looks professional - that looks crisp and modern? Everyone has a website, it doesn't make sense if you're a performer: you're a brand, you're an entity. Why wouldn't you just have your own website? It just makes perfect sense to us as casting directors to have one place to be able to search for all of your materials."

Question 3: "What about headshots?"

Answer I.W. "If you have multiple headshots that you're really proud of and you only have one that you can submit on your 8 X 10 or maybe one on the back of the 8 X10.. Why not allow your website to help be a place where we can find multiple headshots of you in different outfits, different looks."

Question 4: "What do you tell your acting students?"

Answer D.E. "We advise all of our acting students in all of our classes to get a website immediately because it's so important to have one." Answer I.W. "You know, it's sort of a basic marketing tool you know if you're a business, you would have a website, well you're a business, you are a brand, as I said before you know we encourage everyone we work with - a lot of our students come up to us and say: "what is the first thing I should do to really market myself, to get an agent's attention ?".. and it's having a digital presence. It's being online, having a website, having all on one location!"

Answer D.E. It's your calling card, really.



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